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Rhododendron (Buras)

The Rhododendron (Buras) flower found in Himalayan regions is full of medicinal properties. Tree Rhododendron is the state tree of Uttarakhand. It is extremely variable in stature, hardiness, flower colour and leaf characteristics. Since ancient times, Rhododendron has been its own place in Ayurveda. The Rhododendron (Buras) flower blossoms only in its season. We get the Rhododendron (Buras) flower in red, pink and white. The red Rhododendron (Buras)itself is full of medical properties. If you are anaemic then the mountainous red Rhododendron (Buras) flower is beneficial for you. This flower will not allow your weight to grow and keep your cholesterol under control. In vitamins B complex and cough, fever-like diseases, Rhododendron (Buras) juice is a panacea. Gradual heart disease control also develops the body with blood growth. Rhododendron (Buras) juice is very beneficial for people suffering from heart disease. The Rhododendron (Buras) juice removes all the disorders associated with the heart, its because of finding a Pigment called Quercetin and Rutin in this flower, juice of Rhododendron (Buras) reduces the risk of suddenly occurring heart attacks. In old aged joint pain/bones, pain is very common, Rhododendron (Buras) give are very beneficial in such problems.