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The Ashoka Relic

  • Pramod Pant
  • 28-Apr-2018
blog post

The Ashoka Relic

The Ashoka Pillar Rock edict at Kalsi, built in 450 B.C., represents the post-warfare era when King Ashoka converted to Buddhism. One edict at Kalsi is made of quartz, and is ten feet long and eight feet broad. ‘Gajottam’, which means the most excellent elephant, is inscribed on the right side of the rock and is engraved in the eastern dialect of Magadhi in the Brahmi script, which was then the official language. The rock edict has around 14 inscriptions written in the Prakrit language.


The national archaeological department has taken the responsibility of preserving the edict as it has great historical significance. The place lies near fields and here the Yamuna River meets with the Tons River. in the past, Kalsi lay on the pilgrimage route to Yamunotri, and that's a reason rock was put here for the pilgrims and travellers to see. The rock has a set of inscriptions for the Dhamma follow. This is now under the protection the people had t of the archaeological survey