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Swargarohini Peak

  • Prem Bisht
  • 17-Mar-2018
blog post

In the Bandarpunch Range of the Garhwal Himalayas i mountain massif. Located in the Uttarkashi District, it is situated on the west side of the Gangotri group of peaks. Comprising three individual peaks, Swargarohini I don’t boast of a great height in the Himalayan range and is definitely not the highest in the Bandarpunch Range. However, it is known for its incredible local relief that makes for a very steep and challenging climb. The best months to climb are May, June and September. The north side of the peak drops 2,000 metres in less than 2 kilometres of horizontal distance. The southern face accomplishes the same astounding drop in less than 3 kilometres. The east summit is elevated at 6,247 1 metres slightly lower than the west summit. This snow-capped peak is the source of the Tons River and along with the Bandarpunch massif, acts as a barrier between the Yamuna and the Bhagirathi Rivers. It is accessible from Badrinath and after a challenging 32 kilometre trek, one can reach the base camp of this peak. According to local folklore and myth, it is believed that this peak apparently served as the stairway to heaven (Indralok) when the Pandavas went directly to heaven from Har Ki Dun.


Courtesy : UTDB