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Rajinikanth's Uttarakhand Trip

  • Pramod Pant
  • 20-Mar-2018
blog post

Bollywood superstar Rajinikanth, who reached Uttarakhand, finished yoga by reaching Mahavatar Baba's cave at Pandavkholi in Dwarahat. Rajinikanth left for the Pandavkholi cave with his close friend, the residence of Koli in BS Hari.

Rajinikanth, who came to the mountain on a spiritual journey, reached the Kumkuchina, after being about 20 km after the road trip to Dunaagiri. After this, Rajinikanth reached the cave on the back of the horse. During this time villagers of Ranchhal posed the photo with Rajinikanth. After reaching the cave, for about an hour, Rajinikanth has done yoga in the cave.

Rajinikanth promised the local people to come here again. He said that I want to show the problem of people of the mountain people to the world. I will make a film on the sufferings of the mountainous people. I will tell people how hard work people are here. Rajni said that when I was coming into the cave for meditation, I saw on the way that the woman of about 60 years was coming for wood in the head, at some distance a woman saw and had a basket on her head, I am surprised to see this done.