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Nanda Devi East

  • Prem Bisht
  • 16-Mar-2018
blog post

Nanda Devi East

Resting majestically in the Garhwal Himalayas is a two-peaked massif that forms a long high ridge leaning east to west, known as Nanda Devi. The Nanda Devi East Peak is part of this, and together with the West Peak, they form the twin peaks of the Goddess Nanda.

A barrier ring guards the main summit, within which can be found some of the highest mountains in the Indian Himalayas, and Nanda Devi East is one of them. Twelve peaks surpass 6,400 metres in height, further enriching its sanctified standing as the daughter of the Himalayas, according to local legend and myth. The heart of the insurmountable ring is the Nanda Devi Sanctuary which is protected as the Nanda Devi National Park. Nanda Devi East lies on the eastern edge of the ring and of the Park; at the border of Chamois, Pithoragarh and Bageshwar districts. The Nanda Devi West Peak towers at 7,817 metres and is the second highest in the country. Expedition-style climbs are best made in the months of May, June, September and October.


Courtesy : UTDB