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Mountains and Glaciers (Overview)

  • Prem Bisht
  • 15-Mar-2018
blog post

 Mountains & Glaciers

Nestled in the grandeur of the Himalayas. Uttarakhand is known as Dev Bhumi'  or The Abode of the Gods. This explains why a good amount of Hindu and Buddhist lore finds its roots in the soil and soul of this region of breath-taking beauty, in the midst of lush forests, myriad wildlife and carpets of snow. These mountains aren't alone and find companionship with glaciers, which are like moving rivers of ice. Uttarakhand consists of several temperate valley glaciers that find their home in these mountains and are the source of many holy and life giving rivers of India.

According to the glacial formations, two of the five traditional divisions of the Himalayan range are found in Uttarakhand, namely Garhwal and Kumaon. The major glacial formations of Garhwal include Bandarpunch,Doonagiri, Khatling. Gangotri and the Nanda Devi cluster of glaciers, while Kumaon consists of the Kaphni, Milam, Pindari and Ralam Glaciers.

Mountaineering as an activity has been known to mankind since the first tryst with the mountains was made. Since time immemorial, seers have heen drawn to these mountains because they provide not only serene sheds of solitude, but their very sight uplifts the spirit and makes it soar, fulfilling the longing for the Infinite that is both beyond and yet within the human soul. The Himalayan mountains are no exception to this longing. It is with profound reason that Kalidas immortalized these mountains in the very first shloka of Kumarsambhava. He said, "astutryasyam dishi devatatma himalayo nama nagadhiraja, purva parau

nidhi va gahya sthithiprithivyam eva man danda, Behold to the north lies the land of gods, and the lord of these mountains is called Himalaya, from the east to the west this reservoir of water stands like a measuring rod on the face of the earth.

Holiday-makers can make the most of these mountains which are a playground for many an enjoyable holiday activity. Trekking, high altitude camping, mountain biking, rock climbing and skiing in the winter months are some of the many holiday activities offered, and the State Tourism Board is doing all it can to make Uttarakhand the adventure capital of the country, Nature- lovers and photographers can invigorate their passion with the plush flora and fauna of this kingdom of nature that boasts of thousands of species, some of which can only be found in this lap of the world. The importance of eco-friendly diversity has been noted and this is why forest institutes in the region promote the learning and discovery of new species with an emphasis on the preservation of existing ones.

The snow-capped peaks of the mountains that surround this region make a profound impression, connecting the spirit of man and the spirit of the mountain. The beauty of Garwhal is said by many to be unsurpassed where mountains and valleys, birds and animals all come together to mingle in delightful synchronicity. 

Courtesy : UTDB