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Mangal Geet

  • Hansa Dutt
  • 05-May-2018
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Mangal Geet

The prominent folk songs are Mangal Geet, which is sung at any pleasant occasion, Awahan Geet is sung to invite God on any occasion and Vivah Geet is sung at the time of marriage. Pavade is an epic folk song of the Garhwal region related to the local heroes of the region and their bravery. Hori Geet folk songs are related to the festival of Hull and Guda are the songs related to the philosophy of life.

Original folk dances are attached to rituals and are also a means of entertainment. They can be broadly classified into occupational, seasonal, martial, devotional and ritualistic dances. The prominent folk dances are theBhotia Dance, Chamfuli and Chholia. The BhotiaThe dance forms are greatly influenced by mythology, religion and social events

Dance, Dandala, Chamfuli, Dhusaka and Dhurang are the group folk dances of the Bhotias and are quite similar to the Garba dance of Gujarat.