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Jhoda or Jhanjhari

  • Shayam Singh
  • 10-May-2018
blog post

The Pandava dance performed during Dussehra and Deepawali is enacted by narrating the story of the Mahabharata along with dance and music. The Badra Nati dance is performed by men and women wearing colourful costumes, during religious festivals and on other social occasions. On the occasion of the bride’s first visit to her parent’s home after marriage, the Tharu dance is performed to welcome the newly-married couple.

The Khuder dance is performed by women when they remember their parents’ home. The Chanchari dance is a dance related to the Garhwal and Almora region. The Jhoda or Jhanjhari dance of Kumaon is staged spectacularly on a full moon night by young men and women.

Mukhota Dance