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Chipko Movement

  • Pramod Pant
  • 26-Mar-2018
blog post

The Chipko movement was initiated in 1973-74 to prevent illegal deforestation in the forest area. The special point of this movement was that for the first time, a movement was launched by the mass group to prevent illegal logging of trees, which the government had to intervene later to stop it. This movement was very much discussed in the field of environment. Gaura Devi, the mother of this movement, was later named as Chipko Woman.


It is a matter of 1974, auction of cutting of approximately 2.5 billion trees in the forest of Ranani village of Uttarakhand (then Uttar Pradesh), which was opposed by another woman named Gaura Devi, with other women. The people here considered trees as part of their family. Despite this, the government and the contractor's decision did not change. When the contractor's man arrived to cut the tree, Gaura Devi and his 21 companions clung to the trees and told the administration, first cut us, then cut these trees too, the contractors had to go back to that time.



The movement that started under the leadership of local women was spread by Chandi Prasad Bhatt and his NGO. Gandhian thinker Sunderlal Bahuguna gave direction to this movement. The extent to which this agitation will have been at that time can be estimated by the fact that the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, after considering the seriousness of this matter, 15 years ban implemented on deforestation on the Himalayan region, and Govt had to pass a bill in parliament.