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Basanti Folk Songs

  • Prem Bisht
  • 03-May-2018
blog post

Basanti folk songs are love songs sung as the Basant or spring season approaches. Mangal folk songs are sung during marriage ceremonies and the Baujband folk songs are sung by shepherds in the form of a conversation between a man and a woman. The other folk songs include Chhopati, which is a love song sung in the form of questions and answers by men and women who dance in a circle. This is most prevalent in Khai-Jaunsar. The Chounphula and Jhumeila songs form a part of the seasonal dances performed from Sankranti to Basant Panchami or Baisakhi. Khuded songs are sung, portraying the suffering of a woman parting from her husband. Chura songs are popular tunes sung by old experienced shepherds with a view to teach the young shepherd the tricks of his profession.